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Main Products

DNA test kit, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swab, nylon flocked swab, rayon flocking swab, sponge swab, rayon swab, cervical HPV sampler, disposable virus sampling tube kit, VTM media, saliva collection kit...

  • Microbiological Specimen Collection and Transport

  • Lab Plastic Supplies

  • Foam and Polyester Swab

Company profile

Let more people know J.able

Shenzhen J.able Bio Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, located in China’s Special Economic Zone, a national economic center city and an international city – Shenzhen. J.able has three main solutions: Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport Solutions (Specimen Collection Flocked Swab, Rayon/Foam swab, Disposable Virus Sampling Tube, Saliva Collection Kit, Disposable Cervical Sampling Brush / Box, Gene Sampling Kit, etc.), Laboratory Consumable Solutions (Cryogenic Vial, Centrifuge tube, Transfer Pipet, Inoculating Loop, Sample tube, PC Freezer Box, etc.), Cleanroom Swab Solutions (Cleanroom Foam Swab, Polyester Swab, Microfiber Swab, etc.).

  • Established Time 2014

    Established Time

  • Number Of Employees 100+

    Number Of Employees

  • Quality Advantage flocking and heat-sealing technology

    Quality Advantage

  • Area 2000m²


  • Capacity 2 million swabs/day